“All Nighter” | Movie Review

all-nighter-key-artGrade: (B-)

“All Nighter” stars; Emile Hirsch, J.K. Simmons and Analeigh Tipton.

It’s directed by Gavin Wiesen and tells the story of Mr. Gallo, a workaholic father who travels out to LA to see his daughter only to find her missing. He does find her newly ex-boyfriend Martin however, and together the two will cross Los Angeles like they are on a scavenger hunt, looking for her whereabouts.

First I will say this film may not be for everyone. It is a comedy, but not your typical fashion of one. If you have a wide comedic range, you will find some laughs and if you enjoy some grounded humor you will find this one amusing.

I really enjoy these small budget films because of the element of the unknown they provide and with J.K. Simmons in the mix, you can always sign me up. I really enjoy Simmons and think he is a very talented actor so to see him in something of this nature was intriguing to me.

So, for that aspect I think this film was a success. Simmons was the best part of this movie without a doubt but Emile Hirsch comes in as well with a strong performance. They both fit perfectly into their roles and looked comfortable in them, which results in a smooth flow throughout the dialogue.

The entire dynamic of their relationship is an odd one, but not out of the realm of possibility, which allows you to put yourself in their place throughout the film, making it much more engaging. Simmons and Hirsch have a strong chemistry with one another and they both deliver their comedic material in a subtle but very effective manner.

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The dialogue was simple but well written and they both land their moments that other performers may not have been able to accomplish. Watching the two polar opposites in personalities blend together was a good time and it was absolutely due to their performances.

Overall, this was a funny movie to me; the comedy was much more natural and worked into the conversations and scenarios very well and from that aspect it was entertaining. There weren’t any jokes or overly forced moments yet they still provide laughs and that’s what you want from a comedy.

As for the story, it was an interesting one and allowed for the interaction of many different characters. These various characters were hit and miss and some of these scenes were the weakest. Creating moments where the comedic impact wasn’t necessarily forced, but certainly nudged more than it should have been.

The story-line takes a fun ride across the Los Angeles neighborhoods and it was a good time. The plot doesn’t try to swing too far into the theatrics and holds a strong focus. And despite a mild second-act lull is keeps the pace moving and holds the focus on the main characters played by Simmons and Hirsch, like it should have.

In the end this wasn’t an amazing film but it was a decent one for those who like more grounded stories that do not follow the common formula. It’s worth checking out if you are a fan of this type of humor or if you are a fan of Simmons or Hirsch. They both bring in some solid performances, and what this film lacks in depth, it makes up for with charisma.