“I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore” | Movie Review

8paXSLr.jpgGrade (B-)

“I DON’T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE” stars; Melanie Lynskey, Elijah Wood and it’s written and directed by Macon Blair.

The story follows a normal woman named Ruth, she lives an ordinary life but is growing more and more resentful of the disrespectful society around her, slowly losing more faith in humanity with each passing day. Then one day her home is burglarized and this will be the event that will cause her to snap. Ruth will find a new purpose in life, and will vow to track down the people who broke into her home, and she will get the help of her oddly eccentric neighbor Tony played by Elijah Wood.

Films like this always interest me mostly because you never know what you will get with smaller budget, independent films. I am fond of both Lynskey and Wood so I was very curious in what this story would deliver.

Yes, it did have some flaws, it was very slow-paced through the second-act but it was still a uniquely enjoyable movie. The comedy is in the darker region, there are many moments that aim for laughs but you will not hear many jokes which doesn’t mean this isn’t a funny film.

It was quite the opposite and with many comical scenarios that felt realistic, and a wide range of weird characters, there is plenty of substance to provide some effective, very grounded, dark humor. This script was filled with many normal situations and social dynamics and that was what made the humor so effective in its subtlety. People can relate to some of the dynamics and we have all been fed up with the rude behavior of those around us, therefore you can get behind the characters and root for their success in the plot.


As for the performances. I thought they were great. Many people may not know Melanie Lynskey but anyone who is familiar with the old sitcom “Two and a Half Men” will know her as the lovably insane stalker named Rose. She was very good in this film and continues to deliver many solid performances in smaller budget projects. I thought she created a very normal grounded character that was perfect for what this story-line needed and her dry delivery of humor was very effective, resulting in some fun laughs.

I thought Elijah Wood was also awesome in this movie. I love eccentric characters and he definitely captured one in this story. He was odd with his mannerisms, and his short delivery was intriguing. He also shared a great chemistry with Lynskey. It certainly came across as awkward, but for this movie it was just right for their character dynamics.

On the downside, Wood’s character was lost in this story at times. We also get to know very little about him so you can be entertained by his performance, but not really invest in his character which did kill some impact later on in the third-act. This movie just felt like it would have been much more enjoyable had the two leads spent more time together.

The pacing was also a little off at times and there were moments the script felt like it was circling itself and not progressing which did kill some of the flow. But overall this was a unique, creative and fun movie that loosely examines some social undertones early on. This was a fresh movie that did entertain. The comedy may not be for everyone but if you like some darker humor and a splash of gritty violence here and there this one will do the trick. It was well directed, had a fun musical score, and is worth a watch.