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“BASTARDS” is the newest of the routine, disposal road-trips comedies with Ed Helms and Owen Wilson plugged into the leads. This one follows the two who play brothers, as they embark on a journey to find their long lost father,¬†after their mother reveals that he is not in fact dead.

This one doesn’t look to really bring anything new in the road-trip genre, and from watching this trailer you can already see the where the recycled plot-line will go. I have enjoyed performances from both Helms and Wilson, but their best moments have been as counterparts to stronger leads. It will be interesting to see how these two will balance the weight of the comedy, and surely they will need a strong chemistry to carry (what appears to be) a been-there-done-that premise.

With the additions of Glenn Close, Ving Rhames and J.K. Simmons their side-characters, if given the opportunity can add some hilarity if the writing lets them. Depending on how much their characters are incorporated into the script, they could add some freshness throughout to give the audience a break from the surely Helms/Wilson heavy story.

Despite really showing anything new this one could still turn out to be a fun film. There will no doubt be some funny lines and a collections of scenes that will deliver some laughs, but whether or not they can carry the run-time in a story that looks very routine, will be the big question opening weekend.

Release Date: 27, January 2017

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