“Captain Ron” | Movie Review

CAPTAIN RON, Benjamin Salisbury, Martin Short, Mary Kay Place, Meadow Sisto, Kurt Russell, 1992. ©Walt Disney Co.

captain-ron-1992-3Grade (B-)

A fun film that is easily kept afloat by the comedic delivery of Short, and the charm of Russell.

“CAPTAIN RON” may have been considered a box-office failure, coming out in September of 1992, but it is still a great 90’s comedy that entertains despite the years passed.

This story follows a family from Chicago who inherit a yacht that is docked on a small Caribbean island. Wanting to get out of their mundane suburban lives, the family decides to sail the vessel from the island, up to Miami so they can sell it. Since none are familiar with sailing they will get help from a local named Captain Ron, a man they will never forget.

This was a simple premise, that added some fun locations, and charismatic cast performances to pull it well above average. There were all the comedic set-ups you would come to expect but it doesn’t hinder their ability to generate a laugh. There were plenty of laughable lines, physical humor and situational scenarios that all work well in this films favor. It is still enjoyable after all the passed years and still is carried by the energy and charm of Kurt Russell.

Russell shines in the lead as the eccentric and lovable Captain Ron, and the persona he created was like a highly toned down long lost brother to his Snake Plisskin character, and it was highly amusing. Russell brings the material to higher levels with his charming deliver and his chemistry with Martin Short was as comically awkward as it needed to be.


In regards to Martin Short, he was also hilarious in this movie. He was a strong lead alongside Russell and their differences in comedic styling kept the laughs fresh throughout this movie. Watching his character react to, and try to cope with, being at sea with Captain Ron was amusing and entertaining and provide this routine comedy a surprising amount of substance that the actually writing may have missed on.

There is tons of predictability in this movie but with great locations, and the theme of a common family wanting to step out of their lives for adventure, is effective in taking the viewer along with them. The characters are likable, you can relate to them, and Russell creates a captain that will only have you shaking your head in comical disbelief.

“Captain Ron” may be close to 25-years old but it still entertains. Russell and Short were an underrated duo in this movie and it still delivers plenty of laughs with a wild story-line that viewers can get swept up in. The soundtrack and wardrobes all lock this film in its time-period and add to the appeal of this forgotten comedy. If you haven’t seen this film do so and enjoy the warm vibe it creates.

Time: 90 min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (For elements of sensuality, and for some language)