“Beverly Hills Cop 2” | Movie Review

Beverly Hills Cop 2 (1987) 1Grade: (B+)

A reputable sequel to one of the best action-comedies of all-time with plenty of laughs and gunfire to carry the entertainment throughout.

With the massive success of the first film, “Beverly Hills Cop II” hoped to recapture the elements of comedy and action that fans wanted. The original cast was regrouped, the stereotypes of rich people in Beverly Hills were rewoven into a new script, and Eddie Murphy sporting a time-period flat top, was back with his loose brand of police work.

The set-up was a recycled plot at the time and still has been used in recent projects, but for this film, the story was not the most important factor, the comedy was. In addition to recapturing a great 80’s soundtrack that made the first so memorable. For the most part the laughs land and Eddie Murphy is at his best once again, although in this film there were clear moments where the intended humor seemed to try too hard. But with the strong chemistry of Murphy, Ashton and Reinhold, the laughs are plentiful and not from just Murphy himself.

Reinhold’s naive character of Billy Rosewood seemed to blossom in this film and added for a couple of funny scenes as the rest of the guys cope with the extent of young Billy’s transformation into a gun-toting bad-ass. While the story did not take any major creative chances it still proved to be a well complimented journey for the comedic dialogue that is the base of the franchise.

Beverly Hills Cop 2 (1987) 3

Like the first film, this one had plenty of action, lots of gun-play and car chases to serve as a nice side-dish to the jokes and comedic scenarios. The choice of Brigitte Nielsen as the antagonist was a daring move in my opinion given her clear lack of acting ability, however the choice of a female villain was great. She was mildly cartoonish, but her character was effective in this film.

Given she was extremely popular at the time she served to add some sex appeal to the movie that would otherwise been non existent. Plus her addition served for a couple of great lines from Murphy in reference to her, as well as their scene together in the gun range as he struggles to comprehend the physical specimen he is in the presence of.

In the time-period this film was released, sequels were often thought of as a joke and more often than not, a clear step down from its predecessor. This film was not the same great film the original was, but it was a great film in my opinion regardless. The cast reunited and continued their character story-lines enabling this film to jump off to a fast start and hold a great pace throughout. It delivered many laughs and served as not just a sequel cashing in on past success, but a rather solid and entertaining 80’s era action-comedy that is still better than many in the genre being released currently.

Time: 100 min

MPAA Rating: R (For strong violence, language, and brief nudity)