“Beverly Hills Cop” | Movie Review

Beverly Hills Cop (1987) 1Grade (A)

One of the best action-comedies ever made, this one never gets old. 

Directed by Martin Brest, the film stars Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Ronny Cox and Steven Berkoff.

Loud-mouthed Detroit detective Axel Foley (Murphy) gets a surprise visit from his longtime friend from California. When his friend is murdered Foley follows the clues leading him to Beverly Hills. In a world much different from what he is used to, Foley will continue to pursue his friends killer and will meet a couple of unlikely partners in two local cops; detective Billy Rosewood (Reinhold) and Sergeant John Taggart (Ashton).

“Beverly Hills Cop” is a throwback film that never gets old. To this day in my opinion it is still one of the best action-comedies ever made. Believe it or not this film was actually nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay in 1985 when action-comedies could be considered great films.

The story is a simple recipe and Eddie Murphy is allowed to shine with his comedic brilliance that in recent years has been all but forgotten. The entire film holds a great pace and is filled with many hilarious moments and plenty of action, not to mention a great soundtrack that encapsulates the time-period.

Action-comedies of current times often hit viewers with relentless comedic attempts that often fail to hit the mark. Not to mention the over abundance of effort in placing the one-liners in the dialogue often bring the seriousness, and quality of the scrip down greatly. This is one film that does not, the mix between actual plot and story weave perfectly with the comedy of Eddie Murphy. In addition the chemistry between Murphy, Reinhold and Ashton is superb and the trio works well off one another.

Beverly Hills Cop (1987) 3

While the comedy was great and provided many laughs, when it came down to the story-line itself the tone delivered that of a solid 80’s action film. Murphy was able to portray a believable action star which in my opinion is a major factor in the success of this film, and not so much the comedy. The well choreographed and low-key action sequences kept a realistic feeling without going overboard like many of the decade were known to do.

The camera work was excellent and the final result was quality gun-play and car chases mixed in with tons of laughter. Steven Berkoff as the antagonist worked well for the film and he was able to give his character an evil vibe while still looking very comfortable in the lavish society of Beverly Hills. In other words he was the perfect 80’s action bad guy.

This movie catapulted Eddie Murphy to worldwide stardom and it was well deserved. Watching his character adjust to the excessive lifestyle of Beverly Hills never fails to entertain. From the in-your-face comedy to the subtle innuendo, the laughter never stops in this one. Murphy was at his best in this movie and to anyone who actually hasn’t seen this one yet, get your popcorn and find some time to be entertained to a solid action story with tons of gun-play and comedy.

Time: 105 min

MPAA Rating: R (For strong violence, pervasive language, and some nudity)