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Doctor Strange (2016) 1The cast from top to bottom looks great; Cumberbatch, Swinton, Ejiofor, Mikkelson, McAdams, Wong – all very talented performers that with some quality writing can develop some very compelling characters. Cumberbatch is more than capable of carrying a film on his shoulders and from what this trailer shows, he already looks excellent in the role of Dr. Stephen Strange.

The special-effects look amazing and somewhat Inception-esque but still more than capable of creating some awe-inspiring visuals. There will clearly be a LOT of green-screen work in this one but with a solid cast I should still come off okay and not like the “Star Wars” prequels. However I do hope there are some practical effects along the way to mix with the large amount of CGI this film will have. But it should be fun in 3D.

But with all of the action-sequences and digital backdrops aside, there were plenty of hints in this trailer to show what has potential to be a very captivating story. The life Dr. Strange leads before his accident was touched on as well which I really like, I’m all about character development, and this film could bring some since so much is unknown about the character for me and presumably the general public.

Mads Mikkelson is the role of Kaecilius was the best part of this trailer in my opinion as Marvel’s biggest weakness has been their villains. Mikkelson is an excellent and underrated performer, and he should be able to convey a true antagonist if the story and writing let him, because the look was clearly on point and ominous on its own in my opinion.

Either way this trailer shows a lot of promise. As well it shows Marvel is still at the top of their game in the development of the MCU by venturing further out in into comic-book obscurity looking for new characters to bring to life on the big-screen

Release Date: 4 November 2016


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