“Wonder Woman” (Comic-Con Trailer) | Trailer Thoughts

Wonder Woman (2017) Gal Gadot

“WONDER WOMAN” will be a summer blockbuster next season and will also mark the second solo film in the DCU. This trailer gave a great look inside what will be the origins story of the character and in my opinion it has a great deal of promise.

The island home of the princess looked awesome in this film, slightly Lord of the Rings-ish, but minimally. The wardrobe and costume design looked great as did many of the backdrops. I really like the early 1900’s era the film will take place in and it has potential to create an enjoyable time-period feel if the dialogue can deliver.

The action looks fantastic with some awesome large scale battles on the beaches as well as some intense combat sequences. The delivery of Wonder Woman’s powers and capabilities look to be on point with some violence fight scenes, but the over use of slow-motion in the trailer makes me hope that technique doesn’t litter the final film.

Chris Pine felt serviceable in his part and I do hope the love story doesn’t hinder the pacing, unless it is to build Wonder Woman’s character, but regardless hope it doesn’t end up consuming too much time. There was a ton of action in this trailer and it makes me hope that the action doesn’t overshadow the origins story. I have read some of the comics when I was younger but consider myself far from versed in the world of this character, something I hope this film can provide.

It’s about time a female hero has been given a major motion-picture and the trailer makes this project look like a great entry to represent it. The wardrobes were designed well, don’t overly objectify the characters and I hope the dialogue, and development of the story follow suit. Also it must be said the character easily has the best theme music!

Release Date: 2, June 2017