“Exists” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (C)

A surprisingly fun venture out in the woods with Sasquatch that delivers some tense moments during a fast paced enjoyable romp.


A group of friends head to a family cabin out in the woods for a fun camping trip and find themselves being hunted by a legendary creature many believe does not exist.

My Thoughts:

I had little expectations going into this one but (for me) this film turned out to be a delightful horror/thriller set in the woods of east Texas. I have seen a couple of other movies based on “Big Foot” or the Sasquatch, and I can easily say they were less than enjoyable. Regardless of the low expectations I had before I started “Exists” I can still say the result was a surprisingly polished film, and for B-movies the closest to a hidden gem of a watch this year has seen.

This film was not fantastic but it was pretty good and for all the other “found footage” themed movies that fail to entertain, this one clearly made up for them. First the settings and camerawork, they worked great together with the ominous woods that were excellently shot using the right angles and shadows to generate an eerie feeling as you watch. You will find yourself peering off into the distance during many scenes to see if the hulking main attraction will reveal itself.

The cast is not spectacular but good enough to pull off their rolls with convincing performances and none of them detracted from the enjoyment. As for the pace, which was great in my opinion, the stage is quickly set and the albeit thin characters are introduced, then the tense moments ramp up. There are a cluster of great sequences where the hairy beast, and star of the show makes his appearance. They were all well shot and orchestrated to generate some unique moments that definitely build high amounts of suspense.

“Exist” will not blow you socks off but it will entertain and while the story-line may have followed a rather generic approach the creativity put into how the Sasquatch would present himself are what provided many tense moments in a film that keeps you on edge, which is why people love the genre when a project does it right.