I don’t think anyone asked for this yet we have another disaster film that from the looks of this trailer, will be another disaster for Gerard Butler come this October. This one also stars; Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, a bunch of tornadoes, and one pesky wave, yoga ball sized hail, fire, wind, yada, yada, yada.

This trailer was so incredibly generic down to the slow-paced song that’s trying to impose fear but only draws a laugh since we have heard this in trailers so many time the last few years. The special-effects do not look very good and no matter how much damage this weather control technology causes, this one will still be a dud.

I could be wrong, we will see. But this trailer looked like a collage of all the other disaster films over the past years, “Twister”, “Day After Tomorrow” “Independence Day”, “Volcano” and on and on. Only this time with more tornadoes and bigger hail! It will be interesting to see what people will think of this one. It just looks like it has no ambition to create something new. The special-effects look like something from a big-budget project from the SyFy channel and not a major motion picture and Gerard Butler will not be enough to carry the run-time with the level of cheese this trailer delivers.