“Wonder Woman” | ‘Origin’ Trailer Review

This is definitely one film I am eager to see and hope it turns out to be a success. I watched so many re-runs of the old Wonder Woman TV series and think this film shows a lot of potential.

There is also a LOT of pressure for this film to succeed. It’s really the first female led major comic-book solo film of this scale. And without that being enough weight on it, the public response to “Suicide Squad” and “BvS” nor the widely covered pre-production issues with the “Batman” solo film are not helping at all.

But in my opinion from these trailers the film looks like a fun ride and should have enough to create an intriguing origins story for the character. This last trailer showed more of that origins story with more coverage of her growing up on the island being shown. We get more of Gadot and Pine in London, and I really think the two contrasting locations of the tropical settings and grim city backdrops will work well for the story, and the time-period.

The action-sequences look great and it will be fun to sit back and watch the character of Wonder Woman come to fruition. The dialogue did have some slight worries with some forced humor but I’m hoping the trailers show most of it and that the film doesn’t pull the impact out of the tone of the story with some oddly placed ineffective humor.