“JUSTICE LEAGUE” was one of the many trailers released at this years Comic-Con down in San Diego but of them all, this was the one that had the most riding on it as far as viewer expectations in my opinion. With the less than impressive return “BvS” received it was crucial to bring the masses something good, and this trailer was just that. This trailer was a major step in the right direction of DC creating a suitable universe of films to compete with Marvel.

Ben Affleck continues to win the world over with his persona of Batman/Bruce Wayne making many forget about the days when the internet was set ablaze with his being cast in the role years ago. He shows his first strong signs of building the team in this trailer and it was a great peek inside what is to come.

The rest of the cast looks to be very solid as well. Gadot and Affleck have some energetic charisma, and she is showing herself as more than capable of creating a likable persona to Diana Prince (a.k.a.) Wonder Woman. This was also the first true peek at the rest of the cast other than those lame email videos from “BvS” as these glimpses were a very enjoyable, as well as promising look.

There was a good balance of suspense, intrigue and humor in this trailer and it was mainly due to what looks to be a great casting choice in Ezra Miller as Barry Allen (a.k.a.) The Flash. With the small sample this trailer provides he has potential to deliver a very charming performance, with well timed and delivered humor that doesn’t feel forced, and he could make the role his own for future films.

Jason Momoa was also pretty bad-ass in this clip and looks like he will give the character of Aquaman (a.k.a.) Arthur Curry and tough persona that will start to turn the masses that laugh off this character as a side joke. I would have liked a larger sample size of Ray Fisher as Cyborg (a.k.a.) Victor Stone but this trailer didn’t give it. The look and design of his armoring and robotics was pretty cool although there was never a very good view to see everything, but it does look to have some strong detailing.

Overall this trailer was very good and promising for DC to get this world of films up off the ground and running. The dark tone is still there but there is just enough of a lighthearted feel to it to create a nice balance. “BvS” was a decent film but the tone was a dull one, with a lot of the characters moping around and coming across overly solemn. It hindered the enjoyment to me, with the bloated run-time not helping. But this upcoming “Justice League” movie from the looks of this first trailer, has a chance for not only box-office success, but fan appreciation as well.

Release Date: 17, November 2017