Kong Skull Island Spoilers: After Credits Scene

The movie was awesome! This is a short review, not covering all actors and performances only the ones that coincide my talking point.

Your Welcome.

John Goodman delivers as always a performance only rivaled by Bryan Cranston on the Godzilla film. The ironic thing is his character lasts a little longer than Bryan’s did. Leading a hunt with a U.S. military group to a mysterious portion of the world that for years was hard to get into due to constant storms. The fact that there is a part of the world that has been successful at keeping people out using weather for so many centuries would be your first clue that there’s some things we’re not meant to know. Goodman’s character was a witness to a monster that caused damage to one of his old war ships during the second World War. Being a man of new purpose and conviction, he’s driven to prove that man is not on the top of the food chain. Whether we’re under threat of dinosaurs, or what we know to be monsters based on our childhood stories, he’s determined to bring the gaps of reality and legend.

Samuel Jackson is a soldier without a war to fight who uses the situation of being trapped on an island of monsters to wage a new battle to brings mans dominance to the forefront. Seeking revenge for his falling soldiers killed by a brutally viscous and generally pissed off Kong. The true cliche moment was seeing the groups split up and one half seeing the purpose and respect for Kongs existence and the other seeing nothing but the horror and fear of monsters among man.

Kong turns out to be a son without a family or possibly a father who’s lost his children. He’s the last of his kind and when he dies the ones that he keeps at bay are ready to take over the island.

It felt like there should have been no survivors but you won’t be disappointed in the results on who makes it off the island of doom. Seeing the history of the scull crawlers and connecting the similarities to the mission of Godzilla I’m convinced that another underground threat will rise and come for all predators in order to become the new standard bearer. Being that man, Godzilla and Kong are the only ones whom are capable of living on the planet and coexisting without a need for total death and destruction, its natural to believe that these three will be the perceived threats.

Watching this film was a complete jaw dropping experience that I did not see coming. Loving what I saw in Godzilla but feeling disappointed with the complete execution. The editing being one factor, I was completely lead into a different place in Kong. We see the monster from the beginning, middle and end. The fight goes on and on without any interruption. You’re forced to believe that monsters exist and are fighting the good fight with us that have the planets best interest and the monsters who mirror mans inner demons.

Only a few days later did I learn there is an after credit scene. I felt that the end with John C. Reilly’s beautiful closing was a link to Bryan Cranstons character. I thought Young Marlow was the same character played by Cranston but I was wrong. Turns out the after credit scene was something more. Going to have to go back to find out. I’ll return later to give an update of what that something was. Prepare yourself. Stay in your seats.


Over all Kong gets a 4 out of Five Rating.
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