Westworld Season One: Binge Review

Westwood Season One

TV Rating: 5 out of 5 by Sean Molloy

Sean just seeing the show Westworld gives his review of the first season. Westworld has already been set up for a second season which has been green list. I have not watched this show yet but its on my to do list. I’m curious if it lives up to the hype. I’m a follower of the comedian Bill Burr and his wife, who doesn’t like the show, made a funny song about how its all about people having sex with robots. She’s also the second person who points out that its not much of a interest for her, as a black woman, to watch period piece themed shows that champion a time where black people were still slaves or just coming off of slavery in America.

Michael Che from SNL fame also talks about the period in history effect on black people. He talks about the fantasy that he’d live out on during the time of the old west. Not to just have sex with robots, but to go back in time and give black people pre-approved home loans. Being a black guy myself, I’m also in a similar state of mind for the period of time, as a fan of great television entertainment I’m just going to tune that out and let the show do its job and be entertaining. I’m not going to ask the writers and producers to fight the “Good Fight” for historic justice. I can understand most peoples personal feelings on the topic but if you’re depriving yourself of a great show because its not fighting your personal view points all the time then you’ll always be missing out on something that could potentially bring you joy.

I’m planning on watching Westworld soon enough. I always trust Seans taste in movies, TV and gaming so if he’s giving the green light, its a go for me. Sean gives season one of Westworld a five out of five rating. To see his video review click the link below.

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