“Mr. Right” | Movie Review

Mr Right (2016) 1Grade (B-)

Enough to make it an enjoyable watch but a few flaws keeping it from being extremely good.

“MR. RIGHT” stars Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell in a story about a girl (Kendrick) who falls for the perfect guy (Rockwell), the only problem is he’s a hit-man with a sudden conscious still trying to escape the life he used to live.

This film really had some potential for me, the trailer looked hilarious and the chemistry between Kendrick and Rockwell shined. Once the film started it was much the same. This was a unique quirky comedy that did a lot of things very well. The script was unique, the plot had a lot of potential and for the most part it succeeded in entertaining.

Both Rockwell and Kendrick shined in their performances. They deliver a strong chemistry and the goofball personas they create work perfect for this story. Rockwell is a severely underrated actor and he shows why in this film as he delivers a fun, likable, lighthearted personality to a character that has been done before, but never like this, which was a strong positive.

This movie was very entertaining with a story-line you can get pulled into, the first-act got things going quickly and the dark-comedy was extremely well written at times. Then the story tried to get too cute. Kendrick’s performance was fine on its own, as the film starts. But the story tried to do too much with her and what starts off as a solid character early on, progresses to a punch-line by the time the film ends.


Rockwell’s character was steady and charming throughout and this was great but Kendrick’s became more exaggerated with each passing minute and hindered some of the chemistry and created some cheesy moments that damper the overall movie a bit. The way this story wanted to create their love connection was innocently humorous but the more Rockwell explained the ‘connection’ they had, led to some increasingly dumb story angles.

But in the end I had fun watching this, yes the rainfall in the third-act is horrendous. It was literally like the cartoon of the man standing under the small rain cloud on a sunny day. Not sure why they were so insistent on the rain effects because it was to the point of laughable, but I still had a good time with this movie.

If you like darker comedy with doses of action and romance this film will be worth the time. Rockwell is fantastic and with a lot of good things going for it there is enough positives to out weigh the negatives.

Time: 90 min

MPAA Rating: R (For violence and language throughout)