“Satanic” | Movie Review

Satanic (2016) 1Grade (F)

Another pointless teen-horror flick that tries nothing new, at all, in the genre.

“SATANIC” stars “Modern Family’s” Sarah Hyland and a group of others that are merely cardboard characters so why bother mentioning them. This film follows a group of friends who stop in LA to tour some true-crime sites before heading out to Coachella. They come across a weird guy at a shop of the occult, follow him, and you have a weak plot about them crossing paths with a dangerous satanic cult, yada, yada yada.

I did not have the highest expectations for this movie but I was surprised to see how much of a weak attempt at a horror film it turned out to be. The characters a cliche and have no personality of their own. The characters in this film flop-flop in their decision making to allow the story to go where the writers wanted and it was highly uninspired.

I never connected with or liked the characters, their arcs in the story had no form but that can be over looked in a horror film if it’s still entertaining and scary. But it wasn’t. There was not a single frightening scene in the film, the jump-scares were cheap and usually consisted of a loud noise, turning them into more startling that scary.

This was just not a good movie, it does nothing new and the tropes in the genre it does use, do so with no ambition and even true fans of the genre will not find much entertainment in this movie.

Time: 85 min

MPAA Rating: R (For bloody horror violence, language throughout, brief nudity and some drug use)