Netflix Delivers The Most Hated Woman In America: My Review

The most hated woman in America

2 out of 5

Melissa Leo playing Madelyn Murray O’Hair, the most popular
most infamous atheists in America. She started a movement that totally changed everything
we know today from what it was. Watching this movie, did not know that much of
the history. I knew that in the in the 60s or the 50s atheists made a huge push
to try to get the Lord’s Prayer from being forced in public schools. I didn’t
know if it was a movement was started by a woman that, in my opinion,  in this story is basically just her feeling
betrayed by the men that she loved and men that she wanted to have a future
with and after being knocked up twice and left twice started a crusade against

Her being an atheist wasn’t the problem at all it was just
the way she used it to battle her own demons by going on a path of just taking
it out on anyone out there who is religious or is out there really just pushing
their religion on to other people. You might be a sympathizer, you might be an
atheist, you might be a person who is totally religious and it against a person
like Ms. O’Hair but what she did was she got the country to acknowledge the Constitution
and stop organizations from forcing religion in public schools.
You learn that she was kidnapped along with her youngest son
and granddaughter and killed. That the police in her state did nothing to find
her, even though she probably would have made it out alive if they did their
jobs and started looking even 48 hours later. She was gone for over a week, and
kept alive by her murderers.  I don’t
know I was not able to sympathize with her as much as I would have liked to
because of the fact that she was a very very bad person. Not because she was an
atheist but because she was also an embezzler. She thought that because of all
the pain and the hurt that she went through again going back to her issues with
the men in her life. She clings on to her children she clings on to her to her grandchild
and if you are a type of person who want to leave her for whatever reason you
have betrayed her. It’s not only a crusade against religion, it’s also then a
crusader to destroy her enemies.
Ultimately a lot of people followed exactly what she
believes which is that God does not exist and a lot of people donated and gave
her support. Then those people did not know that she would take a lot of that
money for herself, from a non profit organization that she ran. The wrong people
in her life found out about that and tried to extort her. In the end it’s a
great tragedy, it’s a big mess and you kind of left really underwhelmed in the
movies telling of this story. When I got to the end of this movie I felt no highs
or lows for the movie or miss O’Hair,
She was a kick-ass type of lady who went out there and put
it all out there. I give her a thumbs up for that it was just hard to
sympathize with this woman knowing what she was doing behind the scenes. It’s a
strong two out of five everybody in this movie did a great job. I was intrigued
until it ended and then I was like “Oh well moving on. Time to go watch
something else”.  It’s a pretty decent movies,
that you’re happy to have learned about and get a laugh out of. But that’s all
you get. Nothing more. Nothing less.
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