“Nightlight” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (F)

After all these years and all the bad found-footage films this one still managed to do all the wrong things. 

Sometimes when you watch films like these you get what you ask for and after watching this one I certainly paid the price of 90-minutes of life. The premise was interesting to me but I had a feeling there would be no interesting story-line to build off of it and in the end I was correct. The pace was slow and the cardboard characters roam around the woods playing a game as mindless as the result of this film was.

The was minimal set-up to build any tension before the story takes you out into the forest and from their the characters recite bland lines and evoke zero true emotions. They were like kids going through a haunted house and the generic moments of fright were as recycled as the young actors expressions.

To the casts credit they didn’t have much to work with in a sloppy script that tried to hinge on cheap camera trick to draw a scare, that would never happen. Long, boring moments of still shots as if the camera is sat down fill too much time of the already story length. It felt like a cheap camera element used in the “Paranormal Activity” films only their build up in this one never pays off.

There were a couple of good cinematic moments but nothing nearly enough to make up for the lost time of vesting in this one. After all the films we have seen in this genre to release a film that felt like it actually tried to use all the bad techniques in the found-footage movies seemed lazy. After making this film there was no way the creators could have expected people to be entertained, at least if you are over the age of fifteen.

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