“Unfinished Business” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (D)

A run of the mill comedy that inspires a few cheap laughs but really nothing else. 

Is Vince Vaughn heading to the same Hollywood purgatory as the likes of Adam Sandler? Maybe not yet but with a string of generic comedies he may be well on his way. This newest one is really no different as Vaughn plays a salesman who starts his own small-business and when they travel to Europe to close a potential deal that could save their company, wild antics ensue as they always do.

This wasn’t a horrible movie but regardless of the handful of laughs is delivered along the way, the project as a whole was not ripe with entertainment. Strip away the facade and this was nothing more than a generic road-trip comedy with many recycled comedic set-ups of partying and sexual and crude related humor. This isn’t a bad thing but when it comes across as uninspired as it did in this film then the enjoyment fades quickly.

If you don’t overthink it then you will laugh at the a lot of the raunchy humor and there were a couple really laughable moments amid the minutes of ambition-less dialogue. This may work for adding to the enjoyment here and there but even after the dumb chuckles this script was still uninspired with characters too dumb to take serious.

Vaughn had his moments and can rouse a laugh or two, but for the most part even he looked to be going through the motions in this been-there-done-that comedy. Tom Wilkinson was simply there to add shock value in an attempt of hilarity. His stereotypical scene set-ups were just there to try and evoke a laugh based on what the old man will say or do.

Dave Franco’s character was too forced and dumb to the point of being weird and feeling like a comedic gimmick. Sienna Miller and James Marsden drop in with some smaller roles and both delivered some fun moments to help the pace slightly but the high amount of predictability kept the interest from being there as a viewer.

The sub-plot to this one also seemed out of place and when the rest of the film was based on raunch-comedy, trying to hit the emotional mark of a young teenager being bullied at school was an odd mix. The expectation of the viewer to connect with both the main plot and this side-story was a stretch and when the film is trying to pull you into a serious situation all you can only sit back and ask yourself if they are serious.

Overall this was a boring comedy and unless you are a big fan of Vince Vaughn, or the rest of the cast you may want to pass on this one. If films like these were shortened to say one-hour, and placed on channels like HBO or Showtime they may make for some nice short-films, but until filmmakers wake up to this, films like these will continue to be a handful of chuckles along a common story path with a ninety-minute run-time that will seem much longer.